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March 7, 2011

Cruelty in the Animal World

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I am going to write about a subject that is extremely important and sensitive to me. It is about the cruel, inhumane, horrific and senseless treatment that every animal endures at our hands. Whether it is for human consumption or for other animal’s food. Laboratory testing for cosmetics, shampoos, cleansers or medicine. For our entertainment, example being the circus and zoos. Animals from puppy mills for our pets or animals being raised for their fur for our vanity or being used for rediculous, senseless knickknacks. I am sure there are many more ways our society finds to abuse these precious animals. One other I almost forgot to mention, animal cruelty by the very people who are supposed to be responsible for them.

One of the worst situations I just witnessed today, was from a video I watched from PETA, The People of the Ethical Treatment for Animals. I am a member of this foundation that brings to light the truth and seriousness of these horrendous crimes. They hold nothing back in educating the public about the horrors these poor animals experience. The live undercover videos are extremely graphic to the point of disbelief.

My limbs went numb and I couldn’t breath from the shock that I witnessed in the video. This particular video was about the Military  trying to desensitize the soldiers for the killing of another human. They get three men together and a dog. One man holds the rear legs of this live dog and another man to hold the front legs. The third man is cutting the chest open with a long knife while the dog is screaming from the excruciating pain and torment of this heinous and sickening crime. Then he rips the heart out of this dog, passes it by every soldiers lips to get a taste of the blood. Please join in and let your voice be heard for these innocent and loving animals. I do warn you it is hard to watch! I am still shaking hours later.


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