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March 7, 2011

U.S. Government Accountability Office

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I read an article on by Andrew Taylor dated March 1,2011

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) also known as Government Watchdog did a study on government waste of billions of taxpayers dollars every year.

I shouldn’t have been in such a state of shock, but I was. I was not aware of the extreme waste and amount of our tax dollars that was involved until I read this article. Then I was angry and now I will share with you why.

Our federal government has programs, agencies, offices and initiatives within departments or government wide, that have duplicated and overlapped fragmented goals and activities to the same populations. These agencies are government missions, and consist of the agriculture, defense, economic development, energy, general government, health, homeland security, international affairs and social services. The amount of money being funded into these overlapping or fragmented programs isn’t known at this time. However, considering the amount of programs that are known this could result in tremendous savings of billions of tax payer dollars, annually.

Senator, Tom Coburn, Republican from Oklahoma is the driving force behind the study. Yes, there are politicians who want to make a difference and change things that are broken and do not work.

“Lawmakers and committees often defend programs jurisdictions as well as federal agencies. Disagreements produce gridlock, but the pressure to reduce and cut spending will test the ability of lawmakers and agencies to defend wasteful spending practices.”

We as Americans should start taking a stand against this recklessness and protest an end to the negligence that is being put upon us. This is legalized stealing from our hard earned paychecks! I phrase this so strongly because in my experience, we ask our government for help from any of the social services that we should be entitled to, and we are denied. The reason they use to turn us away is the rediculous poverty level statistics the government uses from the 1980’s!


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